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What does a quote to create a website include?

Lets look at the basic ‘Starter Pack’ which is certainly well priced and that’s because we have invested a lot in the web building tools to make our job much faster. The quicker we can create a website with all the functions ready to switch off / on the cheaper it is for you.


Of course, it’s not all about price, it’s the design, the functions, integrations, automations, the back up support and meeting the client’s completion expectations, that really tell the service story.


This is how it works if you take up the ‘Starter Pack’ as it requires input from both you the client and us the designers.



# The text or copy to populate the pages
# Page banners to size (named appropriately)
# Logo to size named appropriately)
# Select a colour scheme or leave it to us
# Send us your social media links
# Send us images for page content (to size / optimised)
# Supply us a domain to use
# You point DNS to our server or give us access to do it,
this is the only way your site can go live.


# Populates each page with your text and images
# Loads your banners and logo
# Sets your colour scheme
# Links your social media and video channels
# Embeds videos into pages as required
# Activate enquiry forms (set destination)
# Add basic SEO to each page
# Add Google analytics to site (with your account)
# Give you a run through on how it all works
# Check review site before going live
# Go live process – set DNS to our server
# Maintain your website – keep it live / secure


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