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Promotional Videos

WHAT ARE THE PROMO VIDEOS? We are very excited to introduce a new service for you that is one of the most powerful ways to sell your business. We have created a library of amazing stock videos that you can use as they are or have them customised to your specifications. We can also come out to your location to film you or you can come to our purpose built production studio. We more than 80% of advertisments in video and growing its makes sense to do it yourself. For a lot of people creating videos is too hard and expensive because there is so much that goes into the production. It's okay for large companies to spend upwards of $50k but for the martial arts industry $5k is a lot.

When you know what goes into making a high quality professional advertising video you can see where the money goes. It also takes time with script writing, re-production planning, setting up equipment, rehersals, training your actors (the talent), filming, directing, editing and producing the video with the right condec for the best output. The story and messages need to engage the target market with impact and not be too long so people watch more of it. In world where you only have seconds to capture the interest of potential customers, your video needs to grab them in those first few seconds. This is what we do for you, we put it altogether so all you need to do is circulate the videos and it attracts new customers for you.

Our videos are created by drawing from a massive library of existing stock footage, or our and your videos to create the most explosive messages to sell your brand. Because of our expertise in this area and our unique assembly of themed videos we have created a price point that is accessible to even the smallest of martial arts clubs. Martial Arts Australia members get them even cheaper.

We can create and deliver your video generally within 5 days depending on the elements you want to include. If we have to re-shape / optimise images / videos that you have supplied, it takes a little longer. If you have a specific timeline to release your video for a campaign, we will make sure we are there for you.

We can insert your logo all the way through on a lower third (footer) as well as the contact / call you action piece. Your image will look really good as a clear background (png / psd / pdf / vector file).

You can change your message but please be aware that it is best to make the text short and sharp to obtain the greatest impact. There are various levels of customisation so you can just use our tried and trusted themes with minimal changes, as they are designed to hit the mark with our generic messages and your call to action.

OUR STANDARD PACKAGES START OFF AT $795.00 per video - Introductory Price (Dec 2019 - Feb 2020) $495.00 with 2nd video $395.00, 3rd video $295.00 (produced at the same time).

PRICES START FROM $295 (MAA Member) for the same period - 2nd video $250 3rd video $220

All Standard video package come with: a generic theme promo video (30 – 90 seconds) # Inserted logo as supplied (for lower third and CTA) # Contact details (school name, phone, website) # Special Deal – ‘Call To Action’ CTA (Intro class / Membership etc)

Level 1 Customisation: # As above with # Change the text messages

Level 2 Customisation: # As above with # Adding some of your own video to be edited into any of our videos

Level 3 Customisation: # Using a combination of our videos and yours # Filming elements for one or more videos at your location or in our studio - POA

MAKING CHANGES TO EXISTING VIDEOS PRODUCED FOR YOU: Changing an existing video we have already delivered is like creating a whole new one. Even if you just want to just change your ‘Special Offer’ the process to edit and produce is the same. The cost of this service is based upon your requirements.

First step is to look through the videos in the gallery below, find which video you want, click on the selected video and click on the link. Next step is to fill out the form on the right side of the page. Make sure you select the correct video in the form, choose which customization you want and finish off the other details in the form. We will then contact you regarding finalising the details and payment. To get a FULLY PERSONALISED promo video (Where you can either send us your own footage, come to our READY TO GO STUDIO or we can even come to you!) Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and select 'Personalised Video'. Final step is to enjoy your new custom video, dont forgot to post it and share it around!



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