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What are Extras when building a website?

Things like buying a domain, pointing the DNS, creating emails, designing graphics, videos, online forms and SEO for example may not be deemed part of creating your website. However for some clients it is altogether, as these functions can require different from numerous people. We know you the client want a website built ready to go, so visitors can find it and buy your product. If it looks good as well its a bonus. We actually think it should look good, be easy to update and navigate and have 'call to actions' so your products can be sold. All you have to do is ask what is included and what's not. When you start to include everything the initial price you saw on the website ends up being a lot higher, you know that low entry fee to capture your interest then, Kapow your wallets empty. We are no different! Joking, we are upfront with what we offer and know what you will need so we build that into the price because we want you to get the results you expect when selling your products. 

Websites are made up of many elements and its easy to feel that the price to build your website covers everything in your view.

What is 'everything'?
This is the question that has so many grey areas and we don't want you to have your expectations smashed because you thought certain functions / elements were included in the price quoted.

Facts are everyone is pitching websites the same way but we want to be different because we want you to know what you are getting for your price, not find all these extra costs mounting up when you have committed.

Special Graphics and Promo Videos to showcase your Gym / Dojo
We have just introduced a very cool 3D animated logo service to turn your flagship brand into 'moving magic'
These Prom Videos are probably one of the best things we could do for showcasing your business instantly. We have created a number of 'generic' action package explosive videos that can be used instantly as they are to promote your brand.
Option one - grab one of our generic promo videos
Option two - is to add your logo, personalised messages / titles and your website URL
Option three - semi customised where we use some of your video and mix it with our professional sleek stock footage to create your master piece
Option four - fully customised promo video using our special effect themes
See example below -

What is normally a standard is to complete the following:
# Create the designated pages from the menu / sub menu
# Site design colours page footers / menu / text
# Social media links
# Insert logo or banner or slider on the Home page
Then you populate the pages yourself with text, images, links etc. 

What is our normal standard in completing a website:
# Create the designated pages from the menu / sub menu
# Site design colours page footers / menu / text
# Social media links
# Insert logo or banner or slider on the Home page
# Populate those pages with text, images, video links, external links, social media to other sites etc
# Load the client's own logo, web banners, sliders to the site as specified
# Insert client's page graphics (timetable, forms etc)
# Basic page SEO, suggested image tagging, page header / content continuity

Here is an example of some extras that we charge out at just $77.00 per hour (including GST)
# Web Banners - image optimising / Google friendly word tagging
# Graphic design - create logos, web banners, web forms
# SEO - content support / direction, advanced page / title tags wording / copy
# Video production - how to produce videos, edit, script 
# Image / Video Gallery creation / population over and above quoted

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